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By working with Osmosis we have been able to provide our users custom animations that are current, interesting, and easy to understand. Our most viewed videos on our site are Osmosis videos.

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You can rely on their team to help with content and delivery; they will guide you in the most effective way to share your information.

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Our team of clinicians, scientists, medical illustrators, voice over artists, and editors capture the details of complex concepts and procedures and make them easy for non-experts to understand. Medical illustrators are artists who create scientifically accurate and visually appealing images for use in medical textbooks, journal articles, patient education materials, and other scientific publications. Medical illustrators have a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology, as well as the technical skills to create accurate renderings of medical procedures and diseases.

Who is on our medical content creation team?

Osmosis can translate our medical illustrations text on-screen and voiceover in various languages. We’ve done work in Spanish, French, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Polish, German and many more!

What languages can Osmosis make videos in?

Having created 2,500+ videos so far, our master-level medical illustrators bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that can benefit both patients and providers alike.

  1. Medical illustrations are detailed and accurate. Trained medical illustrators provide expert-level detail and scientific accuracy. Medical illustrations can be applied in a variety of ways, from patient education materials that explain conditions to clinician-focused surgical procedure guides, and everything in between.

  2. Medical illustrations are versatile. Medical illustrations are used to build interactive videos, make social media assets and design patient education materials or surgical planning guides. You can create courses with assessments and certificates, work with a partner to offer CME accreditation, and so much more.

  3. Medical illustrations can help improve patient compliance. Medical illustrations capture the details of complex concepts or procedures in a way that is easy for patients and families to understand. Medical illustrations can help bridge the communication gap between patients and providers, resulting in better health outcomes.

  4. Medical illustrations are cost-effective. Working with a medical illustrator is often more cost-effective than alternative forms of medical content creation, such as real-life demo videos, for any sized project and timeline.

What’s the benefit of professional medical illustrations?

Our visually appealing medical illustrations can be incorporated into your organization’s overall communications plan. Medical illustrations can be added to websites and print materials, incorporated into videos, and integrated into the educational processes for clinician training and patient care.

How do you incorporate medical illustrations in your projects? 
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The process starts with a discovery call to get an understanding of your needs. Next, a script is created by our clinician and scientific writers before moving along to our trained medical illustrators for storyboarding. From there, final edits and custom animations are completed by our voiceover artists and editors. You’ll be looped in every step of the way to ensure your custom content is well suited for your audience.

What does the process look like?

You! We make custom medical illustrations that can be used however you’d like.

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The team at Osmosis are experts at creating videos that make it fun to learn about even complex topics. Their approach to health education is truly making a difference.

Dr. Garth Graham 
Global Head of Healthcare and Public Health Partnerships at YouTube.