• Osmosis.org is an amazing organization to collaborate with because there is a shared value of success for all partners.

    Hubert Chan
    Western University of Health Sciences

  • This is one of the best resources available to students. This platform can be used for primary or supplemental content delivery.

    Pangela Dawson
    Morehouse School of Medicine

  • We highly recommend this product. Students and faculty alike find the videos easy to follow and valuable. This product is a great tool for delivering content in the virtual world.

    Amber Tiegan

  • The type of videos Osmosis produces are very powerful in explaining complex topics to people who are not experts in that field.

    Andrew Berry

  • We’ve seen improvement in student NCLEX scores, and greater engagement with students.

    Dorothy Tu
    University of California at Irvine

  • TWe love Osmosis’ collaborative approach and attention to detail. It’s worth the investment.

    Kris Sollid

  • I highly recommend working with Osmosis. They are creative, professional, and smart.

    Dawn Willis
    The Manuals

  • Very comfortable and fun to work with. Dedicated to the mission of education, provided ideas and input to our team that we would not have considered, fairly priced.

    Thomas Rebecchi

  • Osmosis is an excellent partner for creating short, easy to understand, and engaging videos about complex medical topics.

    Alison Kjeldgaard
    The Primary School

  • The quality and accuracy of the videos are top-notch and the Osmosis team is very collaborative and creative.

    Adam Glazer

  • If you have students with any degree of dissatisfaction with your curriculum, this is a pretty effective way of reversing that.

    Michael Poles

  • VWe LOVE the emphasis on learning theory, and how it has helped us encourage students to look at their learning differently.

    Coral Matus
    University of Toledo School of Medicine

  • Strongly recommend it. Excellent customer service.

    Senthil Rajasekaran
    Wayne State University School of Medicine

Educators Love Partnering With Osmosis

Educators Love Partnering With Osmosis

Osmosis has provided some of the foundational sciences, playlist, and review to get PA students up to par even before starting PA school… it has helped us to keep them engaged, get them refreshed on micro, and molecular, and genetics, and anatomy and then after they completed that, they are so fluent with it.

Juliann Garza Castillo, PhD, PA-C

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Over 1,800 content videos with comprehensive coverage of:

  • Pathology
  • Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Clinical practice

Over 16,000 flashcards powered by spaced repetition

Over 8,700 clinical case questions

1,300+ High-Yield Notes for Pathology and Physiology

Pathology review videos

Retention and Understanding


Study Schedule for classes and the USMLE®/COMLEX-USA®

Mobile app for iOS and Android

References to their favorite study tools

Workspaces let them organize and analyze your course documents

Study analytics with recommendations based on their performance

Build shareable Custom Playlists of Osmosis videos, questions, and High-Yield Notes to watch and review at any time

Hands-on learning: Timestamp videos with notes to retain high-yield information

Professional Development

How to Learn in Med School course ($99 value)

Clinician’s Corner playlist to help students successfully transition from being students to professionals

Prioritized customer support

Personalized daily reminder emails


The Most Innovative Tools to Support Your Students and Faculty

Osmosis Chrome Extension

When a student comes across a topic that Osmosis covers - literally anywhere on the internet - our Chrome Extension links them back to the perfect Osmosis video.

CME Accredited Content

We've had all of our videos accredited by the ACCME so that each faculty member can earn up to 250 CME hours by simply watching the videos they'll share with students!

Mobile App

Our intuitive app puts visual, active learning at a student's fingertips - anytime, anywhere. And students love it (over 3,000 4.5 star app store reviews).

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Osmosis + NYU Case Study

How NYU Grossman School of Medicine leveraged Osmosis to engage students and become leaders in medical education and research.

But don't just take our word for it...

Engaging content expertly aligned to your curriculum

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Osmosis makes teaching modern Physician Assistant (PA) students more effective and efficient through bite-sized, illustrated videos and learning assessment tools available on demand.

Osmosis makes teaching modern Physician Assistant (PA) students more effective and efficient through bite-sized, illustrated videos and learning assessment tools available on demand.

Let's get visual.

Illustrated videos plus linked assessment items that support teaching and learning

Educators Love Partnering With Osmosis

On-demand content at your students' fingertips

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Physician assistant (PA) students love learning by Osmosis

Osmosis has really catered to my learning style making it easier to comprehend material and remember complex subjects. I love everything about Osmosis including the presentation of data, the format, and the links to additional resources, like Picmonic!

Max Carter
Western University of Health Sciences

The videos are amazing at making complex topics stick and make sense.

Mark Penaranda
West Liberty University

The Osmosis videos help simplify things and are a great complement to the material I'm given in class. I also like the idea of the flashcards and the daily repetition that complement the videos.

Andy Apicella
University of Florida

How Osmosis supports physician assistant (PA) educators

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Reporting & Analytics

You and your colleagues need to identify and remediate at-risk (and failing) students as early as possible.

With Osmosis, you can offer continuous low-stakes assessments to students with thousands of PANCE-style questions. By pairing these assessments with the Osmosis Reporting Dashboard, you can spot learning gaps, and your institution will receive an early indication of students who are struggling.

Curricular Alignment & PANCE Prep

Osmosis is designed to work with your course content, not to replace it…or you.

Curating Osmosis video playlists and practice questions aligned with your curriculum, and sharing them with your learners through your LMS, is simple and intuitive. Our flexible platform supports your program’s learning goals and meets your learners where they are.

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Flipped Classroom Resources

When flipping the classroom, Osmosis provides you with out-of-class resources that are consistent, high-quality, and motivating to students. You can assign students pre-learning material on Osmosis so they come to class prepared to engage in active learning.

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Give your physician assistant (PA) students the key to developing stronger clinical reasoning skills. Osmosis’s illustrated Clinical Practice videos focus on practical information that helps students develop the analytical mindset they need to tackle the challenges they’ll encounter on the wards, leading to better patient outcomes.

Osmosis simplifies even the most complex systems with expertly illustrated videos designed based on learning science. This means your physician assistant (PA) students can grasp complicated concepts quickly and retain the information longer. Now you can supplement coursework with engaging visuals that make the concepts from anatomy to molecular biology, to pharmacology and physiology, come to life.

Clinical Rotations

Foundational Sciences & Organ Systems

PANCE® Review

Like you, we're interested in helping students become confident, well-rounded clinicians. Preparing for the PANCE in a comprehensive and memorable way is part of that mission. That's why, in addition to expertly illustrated videos, we offer over 15,000 flashcards, 1,700+ core content videos, and 1,200+ NEW dedicated PANCE prep questions written by PA educators. Your students can feel confident going into exams and retain their knowledge far beyond the test.

Osmosis has been able to integrate learning, and the use of Osmosis tools, into existing curriculum. When I sit down and talk to students, I always ask what resources do they use most? Osmosis is always the first thing that they talk about.

Dr. Ted Wendel, PHD

ATSU School of Osteopathic Medicine

Osmosis allowed us to create assignments for the students to do on their own… students came prepared to class so it really freed our time as instructors and helped us focus more on the application-type of activities.

Ray Pavlick, PhD
A.T. Still University - Arizona
Physician Assistant Program

Osmosis + UTRGV Case Study

How The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley’s Physician Assistant Program uses Osmosis to provide reliable, engaging supplemental healthcare education materials.

Osmosis + ATSU Case Study

How A.T. Still University’s Physician Assistant Program uses Osmosis to free up faculty time and deepen student learning.

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